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Hello my fellow readers! Introducing Clinque’s new Moisture Surge Intense skin fortifying hydrator. Boy, was that a mouthful! So, I’ve had this product for maybe three or four weeks, now, my skin is the most driest of them all, my skin is absolutely horrible when it comes to applying makeup, so I need something good and hydrating to moisturise my skin all day long. I’ll be honest, I’ve been using it in the morning and then applying my makeup, but I noticed a difference in the first maybe three or four days which I was ecstatic about because I have tried everything I can possibly think of and NOTHING works!

Anyway, after those few days, things started to go back to normal and my dry skin came back to haunt me, so I decided to use it during night time, using it as my nighttime routine. I’ll be honest, I didn’t fully read the instructions. When it comes to my moisturiser I like to just test it how I would usually use it and see how things turn out. However, I soon found out using it at nighttime is actually better for my skin, I think it’s because, in my case, my skin doesn’t get enough moisture during the sleepy hours, so I decided to try it just to see if it worked, because I didn’t really fancy throwing it away seeing as it had cost me £34, but considering I’ve tried everything, it really is worth the money and it’s quite a lot for the price as well. That and I get my advantage card points every time I spend more than £30 in Boots, which is just a bonus.

Furthermore, I have actually really enjoyed seeing what Clinque’s products are like, this is the first one I have brought, now I have sussed out Clinque’s intensive surge purpose, the one thing I really liked about it was the formula. It was fairly thick when I applied it for the first time, which I thoroughly enjoyed as my other moisturises don’t even seem like I have anything on my skin protecting it, were as Clinque’s made me feel as though my skin is being protected during the night, giving me all the necessary ingredients while I’m too busy sleeping.

All in all, it is definitely worth the money and even if your skin is between very dry to sensitive skin, try it out as your product before you apply makeup and see if you notice a difference, and if not try it through the night as that seemed to work better for me!

I would rate it 7/10

Definitely not one of the worst products I have brought. Thank you Clinique!

If this wasn’t enough to tempt you into trying it out just click the link below and read all the reviews about the product before buying, and if your hesitant on spending your life savings on such a thing, just head over to your closest Boots and ask for a sample! 🙂

Click this link to head straight to Boots!



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