| NYX Obsession! |


Now, you wonderful people reading this blog probably know what it’s like to be a student. Busy. Low. Busy. Boring. Hard.

I will be honest. I sit here and wonder why on earth I never have any money and my reply is, well it’s probably because I spend the majority of my money or clothes and makeup obviously what kind of girl would I be if I didn’t?! Although, I am studying 5 days out of the seven and work for four of them, so when I finish I go straight to work! I sometimes don’t even know how I can do this half of the time! Besides that, I still have to finish my GCSE maths grade because…I’m just not great at it OK?

Anyway! Back to the actual reason of this blog! NYX Obsession! When I say this I mean it literally, as I am a student I shouldn’t really be paying anymore between £20 or more on makeup although I do and sometimes I don’t know how I survive! But I have found a solution for all you beauty loving people on a budget! The solution is NYX! You heard right! I’ve heard about NYX for a long time but I’ve recently brought a few necessities while I struggle on through life, I recently brought NYX HD Finishing Powder in Banana, Gotcha Covered Concealer in the shade Ivory, Tinted Brow Mascara in the shade Chocolate, HD studio colour correcting concealer in green for the horrible redness on my cheeks and nose and yellow for my lovely under eye bags!

Now, these products probably cost me just over £30 and it is the best £30 ever spent! Rather than spending this much on one thing, I can spend this much on five of them instead! And they are the basics of the face! I cannot express how much I love the products and the brand itself. The formula of them is fantastic and I’m already halfway through the finishing powder.

The finishing powder is so good, if I’m in a rush I will just use this on my face and it gives me really good coverage for just a powder and is the best at setting concealer for your under eyes! I also love the concealer itself as it is super coverage, the only thing I don’t like is for me personally it can crease easily but that’s also easily solved by the powder. Tinted brow mascara is the best thing to ever exist it actually sets your eyebrow hairs in place as well as giving your brows a slight colour especially if you don’t colour in you brows! Perfect for a quick fix! And lastly, the colour correcting concealers are amazing, I love the formula, although they’re quite hard to blend although for only £5.50 each who am I to complain!

The NYX Obsession is real!


img_2268Visit the NYX website for more information!


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