| Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray Review |


Happy Saturday! I hope you all had a lovely day, I, luckily, did nothing all day with my wonderful boyfriend, we laid in bed watching the series of Bones! Please no spoilers! Only on season eight! Anyway, the other highlight of my day was finally finishing my Urban Decay Setting Spray at £22.

I am quite disappointed with the product to be honest with all of you, the description says that it’s supposed to be cooling and hydrating and yes, I did feel lovely and cool but it didn’t feel very hydrating to me? Obviously, cosmetics are so different with different people but for me personally I didn’t enjoy it as much as other people have.

The description on the back of the bottle says that they use:

“Thermal Control Technology so makeup stays looking just-applied.”

Which quite frankly after a few hours my makeup had already come off in most areas of my face, such as my forehead and my chin which is where I want it to stay most! It also says:

“Better for drier or combination skin”

I have dry skin, and this didn’t do anything for it at all, it didn’t make me feel hydrated and the product made my dry skin look awful in proper lighting. Also,  I couldn’t find this particular one on their website and it’s different packaging so maybe they have updated the product so perhaps I will try the new and improved setting spray and see if that is any better.

On a more positive side the product did last me a very long time, and there was no tightness as I applied it which was a plus, as the ones I have previously tried have done just that! If I remember correctly it lasted me at least six months which for only £22 I thought was a bargain, I was a little skeptical at first as I don’t think I’ve paid that much for a setting spray before, but I was happy with how long it had lasted but I was expecting more from this product as a lot of people had left very good reviews and had been hyped up about it.

For me,  I don’t think I would buy this setting spray again, I might test out the new and improved one and see if it’s better for dry skin. However, I would love to hear your experience with this product as it could be different for other people and even if you have tried the new chill setting spray!

Have a chilled out evening lovelies! ❤


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