| Lush, Dirty Shaving Cream Review |


Happy Monday! I hope you are all waking up in a fabulous mood! This morning I am writing about Lush’s Dirty Shaving Cream! Now, if you beautiful people follow me on Instagram you’ll know I love a good Lush shopping spree.This was the first time I’ve actually brought shaving products from there, I saw a few on the shelf and decided to try them out, and I’ve got to be honest, the name “Dirty” kind of spoke to me. This product description details that this is a

Superb Shaving Cream With Oatmilk To Cool And Calm, Safflower Oil To Moisturise And Honey To Soothe.

I’m not sure if I realised the one I had picked out was actually a shaving cream for men, but I had already paid for it and I thought if it’s for men’s faces then it should be perfect for other areas.

As you can probably guess it smells glorious!  It does calm your skin down when shaving as your causing irritation when doing so, this makes sure your skin enjoys a treat whilst it’s having it’s hair removed. The formula is silky smooth and glides on your skin perfectly, also, as someone who has very dry and sensitive skin, with all the calming ingredients my skin reacts well to this product, so for those of you with sensitive skin this might be a product to try, although, it might not work on everyone it’s worth a good try! Click on the photo to go straight to the website!

Happy MoFunday! – Over And Out! 


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