| Soap And Glory, Puffy Eye Attack Review |


Happy Wednesday my lovelies! In today’s blog I am reviewing Soap And Glory’s Puffy Eye Attack Hydragel Turbo-Boost. Woah, what a mouthful that was. I’ve only recently discovered eye cream, I noticed lately my under eyes are quite dry so I love Soap And Glory’s products and they’re totally affordable, so I decided to try this one. The product info says that Puffy Eye Attack is

Clinically Proven To Reduce Dark Circles And Under eye Puff/Inflammation, And Boost Elasticity, Microcircultion And Collagen Production.

When first using this product I really did start to notice a difference in my awful under eye bags, they gradually became more lighter and less noticeable which was amazing, as it’s one thing that is a real problem on it’s own. The formula glides on easily, however, I think the texture is a bit too thick as I seemed to get the product in my eyes more than often and that obviously wasn’t great. Similarly, the product did last me more than a month, so I am super happy with the end result and will probably buy this again, definitely worth a try if you don’t want to splash out on a eye cream! Click on the link to head to the website!

Happy Wednesday! – Over and Out! 



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