| Clinique Superbalanced Silk Makeup SPF 15 Foundation Review |



Happy Friday! Aren’t you glad it’s finally the weekend? I would be, but I’m a student so that means, college during the week and work during the weekends, pray for me please. Only joking! Today it’s about the base of the face! Foundation.

As most of you already know I have super dry and sensitive skin, so it’s a miracle any of these makeup brands actually work on my skin. However, Clinique is known to be one of the best when it comes to sensitive skin. I love this product so much! I find this foundation gives you a light to medium coverage as it doesn’t fully cover blemishes, although, dark circles, check, redness, check, and the best part is the fact it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing any foundation at all. Personally, my skin is always covered in blemishes and redness so I am glad I brought this foundation, and I really want to try the Anti Blemish foundation although they don’t seem to have the right shade for me, so I will update you on that one!

However, if you have pretty good skin, and only have blemishes every once in a while, or only a few at once this foundation would be perfect for you! There’s no need to apply more during the day either it’s amazing! I will 100% buy this particular foundation again! Enjoy the rest of your wonderful day! Over And Out! ❤


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