About me! So, nothing much to brag about I suppose, I recently created this page to show my appreciation for all the makeup products that we have today and just simply to show others what a product can do and how good they are based on my personal experience. To be honest with you all, I have only recently began to fully get into makeup properly, I mean a few months ago I didn’t even know what a highlighter does, I knew what it was of course and where to put it, but I just thought that was another way for businesses to make money but then I began to watch a lot of youtube videos, more mainly beauty vloggers. However, it took me a long time to settle down and religiously watch somebody because I thought that the majority of beauty vloggers were what seemed to me,to be way too “fake” not necessarily that word but that’s the only word I know that I can describe them with. They just didn’t seem to have the heart in what they do. BUT, then I found somebody who I thought was hilarious when I first watched her videos, her name is Shannon Harris. Also know as Shaaanxo. From what I know, Shannon has been beauty vlogging for a long time, and since then she has progressed her makeup and beauty knowledge and passed it down to fellow beginners in makeup, and I have learnt a lot from her without realising it. I find her completely down to earth and just hilarious to watch, and not only is she funny, but her makeup videos are always breathtaking and so unique and after watching her for about six months now I think, she has inspired me to start my own page and hopefully a youtube channel, but unfortunately I’m not that confident yet! But, I will hopefully post a makeup video once or twice a week, on here to gain that confidence back and show you all some great tips and tricks and to inspire people to not be afraid and just take that chance and do what you love to do, wether you’ve loved it since you were younger, or you’ve pretty much only just got properly into it. Like me!